Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Blink

How can signs of your baby getting older be so much fun and sad at the same time? I love to watch Camden master knew things; recently we offered him play-doh and he played so good with no attempts to eat it. That is so nice for me, but it also means that he is not much of a baby. For the last 14 months I have freely disposed of the baby paraphernalia as he reached the new milestones without ever thinking twice. But it hit me the other day that I may not fully appreciate the time that our baby has been a baby. (Please do not read this wrong, I don't want any more babies, I just want to savor time while it lasts.) For that matter, my other kids are growing too fast too! So I am trying harder to enjoy each of my children before they are gone, grown, etc. (At Time Out For Women, Hilary Weeks said "I will know my children for all of eternity as adults, what a sacred privilege it is to know them as children.").  Yet I have discovered that even when you know they will only be children for a short time there is no way to make time slow down or remember all the things you think you will never forget.
Like the way Camden gives the best darn baby hugs of any kid I have ever known. Seriously, he can hang by your neck with his own strength because he squeezes so hard. And he walks around the house like he owns the place with his bull-legged cowboy strut. Likewise I wish I could put Carter's personality into words, he is so funny. The other morning he caught me working out and  he was so upset he wanted me to stop because he was afraid I was going to get stronger than dad! Then Kennedy is so sincere and generous and helpful. She writes the most thoughtful notes and can't wait for you to find them so she reads them to you. (I know I am going to wish that she still did that when she is a teenager!) I guess I will just have to takes lots of pictures and force myself to blog so I don't forget everything, what else can you do?
I just love sleepy pictures!


Grandma Carla said...

Soooo cute. You will never regret writing down the things the kids do and say and the pictures will be priceless!!! I am so excited!

CD Black said...

Keep up the blogging my friend. Love the pictures and your insight. We should try again to talk on the phone! Miss ya, Crys