Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't Blink

How can signs of your baby getting older be so much fun and sad at the same time? I love to watch Camden master knew things; recently we offered him play-doh and he played so good with no attempts to eat it. That is so nice for me, but it also means that he is not much of a baby. For the last 14 months I have freely disposed of the baby paraphernalia as he reached the new milestones without ever thinking twice. But it hit me the other day that I may not fully appreciate the time that our baby has been a baby. (Please do not read this wrong, I don't want any more babies, I just want to savor time while it lasts.) For that matter, my other kids are growing too fast too! So I am trying harder to enjoy each of my children before they are gone, grown, etc. (At Time Out For Women, Hilary Weeks said "I will know my children for all of eternity as adults, what a sacred privilege it is to know them as children.").  Yet I have discovered that even when you know they will only be children for a short time there is no way to make time slow down or remember all the things you think you will never forget.
Like the way Camden gives the best darn baby hugs of any kid I have ever known. Seriously, he can hang by your neck with his own strength because he squeezes so hard. And he walks around the house like he owns the place with his bull-legged cowboy strut. Likewise I wish I could put Carter's personality into words, he is so funny. The other morning he caught me working out and  he was so upset he wanted me to stop because he was afraid I was going to get stronger than dad! Then Kennedy is so sincere and generous and helpful. She writes the most thoughtful notes and can't wait for you to find them so she reads them to you. (I know I am going to wish that she still did that when she is a teenager!) I guess I will just have to takes lots of pictures and force myself to blog so I don't forget everything, what else can you do?
I just love sleepy pictures!

Carter's Eternal Family

Several times this year I have substituted for Carter's primary class. Last week we were talking about the temple and how families can live together forever. One of the activities we did involved connecting members of the kids families together. I really wanted the kids to have a square for each person in their family. As we were choosing the people to go in Carter's family he insisted on including Maren, our German exchange student who has been his sister all year. Then he wanted to connect the family together to make a crown (nice symbolism I never would have thought of that). So there you have it, this is Carter's Eternal Family crown.

Eat Mor Chikin

We love Chick-Fil-A! Friday the 13th Chick-Fil-A hosted a dress-like-a-cow-eat-free-chicken event. It was really fun. I still can't believe that they gave free chicken meals to anyone in a cow costume!  I was really impressed by the creativity and costumes people wore. I know Chick-Fil-A can be a little expensive but their quality is unmatched, nobody makes better chicken. Plus, the people are great, the company boldy defends family values and they are closed on Sunday; all of that is worth a few extra dollars to me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This is it. I am going to do it, I am going to blog. Since I have missed so much I will move from today forward and do lots of flashbacks. I have lots to catch-up on, we have had a baby and a foreign exchange student since I posted last. It may take me a while, but I have determined to try and not get overwhelmed.
I figure the best place to start is today!
Today is the 4th of July, my absolute favorite holiday. To me it is best of summer wrapped-up in one day: swimming, sunshine, friends, popsicles, bar-b-q, patriotic music and fireworks. Plus, I love history and I am so grateful to live in a free, prosperous country. Being raised in the Air Force helps me appreciate the great men and women who serve and protect our country.
Ironically this July 4th has been soaked with rain! Don't worry we are loving it. It has been so long since it rained my kids are thrilled. We have taken lots of pictures this morning of the kids playing in the rain. ( Have you ever noticed that you can always spot someone from Arizona when it rains? It's like we just don't know what to do with ourselves. The kids can't stay out of it and their parents don't know how to drive in it.) Plus we enjoyed a bike-ride/walk before the rain set in. This cool day in the middle of summer is a welcomed treat. So happy 4th!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just an Update

I know I am terrible about updating and I cannot possibly catch-up in a quick post right now.... so I am going to provide a picture link here from the fall, and I promise to recap the last 6 months soon!  I want to be better about posting more regularly, plus I have some cute stuff from December to post :)
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Lots to Read and See

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July so far.....

I want to start out by saying that I just poured my heart out in a blog the computer lost, this will be my second attempt at July.....
I love the fourth of July it is my favorite holiday. We enjoyed the ward breakfast, Kennedy spent the morning with the stomach bug, I hit the 50% off sale at Goodwill for school uniforms, we hosted a family bbq, I read a book, swam with the Burnett's at the city pool, and ended at the Black's for a backyard view of the fireworks. Who could ask for more?
Monday I was off to Student Government camp. The camp was huge this year with 400 participants, 8 of which were my students. Overall the camp was great and each of the kids took home special experiences. Cell phone reception was awful and I had to eventually email to keep in touch with Marc. The picture to the left is from our 70's Disco themed banquet. I searched several thrift stores for a decent outfit, and really struggled. Then I got home from camp and noticed several stores are carrying 70's inspired clothing! The worst part of camp was driving home to the valley in a car without air conditioning. Again, I need to thank my mom for coming to AZ to watch the kids while I was at camp.
A few days later we were off to California to visit our family/friends the Mueller's. Surprisingly Marc was able to take off work and drag his laptop for homework to join us. (I probably have not mentioned that Marc has gone back to school full-time. He will be working part-time and finishing his degree in Computer Information Systems. If all goes well he will finish in December 2010.) Wednesday I took the kids to Huntington Beach for boogie boarding and sand castles. Thursday we went to Disneyland and tried out-of-the-ordinary things. Friday the Mueller's joined us with their new surf board on a beach trip. The beach we went to was rocky and not so kid friendly, but apparently great for surfing. We had a good time nonetheless. Later that night we went on a date with Clint and Melinda. (It is so nice to have a built in babysitter). Unfortunately we had to come home on Saturday. When we got here we went straight to a wedding reception and then to Spencer's Surprise Birthday Party.
Now we are looking the school year straight in the eyes. Student Government training starts Wednesday. We are hosting a regional spirit conference September 1st, plus all of the normal school year stuff. So we really need all the time we can get to be ready.
Side note on life: Why does it seem that just when you are comfortable everything changes? Our principal and head counselor have taken jobs in Connecticut. My student activities administrator has been transferred. The bookstore lady was promoted. MY AIDE RETIRED. My classroom, class period, and school schedule are changing. Kennedy is going to Kindergarten. Marc is now working part-time and going to school full-time. My hairdresser moved and I have gained ten pounds. What is the Lord trying to tell me?
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Carter- Master of Destruction

Those of you who have boys know exactly what I am taking about. He is not content, like Kennedy, to play quietly on his own. He is busy! I don't have the pictures or blog space to prove the "mark" he is making in our home. Make-up, flour, paper, crayons, the dishwasher, toilet paper, cd collection, inside guts of the remaining VHS tapes, anything is fair game. Plus, he has to make his physical presence known: pinching, hitting, scratching, and other impulsive forms of violence. His personality is setting in full force! It is crazy he can SO sweet and adorable (picture 1) and turn on a dime. He has been teething, getting all of the pointy teeth at once, and I keep praying that this phase is associated with the teeth. (You know screaming in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.)
The nice thing, however, is he is starting to communicate, yay! He is starting to "say" a few things: Mama, Dada, please, ball, bite, uh-oh, wow, eyes, dog, uh-uh (no), uh-huh (yes). It is really nice to be able to figure out what he wants.
Overall he is a good, happy kid. I am really grateful he is healthy and "thriving." Mostly I can't believe he will be 18 months soon!
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Kennedy's Summer

If you had to summarize Kennedy's summer in one word it would be swimming. She had swimming practice every weekday, swimming lessons right after, and a meet once or twice a week. Whenever she had down time she wanted to swim, go figure! She has gotten to be a really good swimmer, but she is in no hurry. Well, unless she is racing right next to her cousin Rory, then there is no stopping her.
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